18 - February 19, 2012 in Volgograd, held the 1st workshop Dehaynminguk Hapkido Grandmaster Choi under the direction of Kil Bong (South Korea - Germany). Grandmaster Choi is the leader of the European Federation of Dehanminguk Hapkido lives and conducts its own todzhan Hapkido in Germany. Just Grandmaster Choi holds a large number of workshops and master classes in Europe by promoting and developing the Korean Hapkido. Volgograd hapkidoks twice participated in events held under the auspices of this organization, it's Open Championship in Hungary, there was held and a master class led by Grandmaster Choi and the Open European Championships, which showed good results. The workshop will begin on February 18, after the annual Festival of Open hero-city Volgograd by Hapkido Grandmaster Choi, where will be present as an honored guest. And continue on February 19. Applications for participation submitted by e-mail hapkido-volga@mail.ru

(Фотографии с семинара в Бельгии)

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