The Volgograd Regional  Hapkido Union  was created as recently as last year. However, this Korean martial art developed in Volgograd in 2006, since the organization Oleg  Novomlinov, now Oleg has served as President of the Union, a regional workshop under the guidance of St. Petersburg Hapkido instructors from the International Academy of Martial Arts V. Tsoi.


 Subsequently, a group of students led by Oleg Novomlinov  participated in four of training seminars on Hapkido held both in Russia and in neighboring countries under the leadership, head the technical board of the Korean Federation of Hapkido, Korean Grandmaster Kim Nam Jae, 9 Dan.


Including the two were carried out directly to the school of Grandmaster - Kyung Mu Kwan (trans. Old Seoul Combat Hapkido school) in the capital of South Korea - Seoul, to improve skills and to obtain guidelines on the practical sessions with the best students of the Master.



Students have been certified Master degrees - DAN and are currently engaged in independent children and youth and adult groups in the Volgograd Regional  Hapkido Union .

President of the Volgograd Regional  Hapkido Union  - Oleg Novomlinov, spends a great job of popularizing Hapkido in Volgograd and Russia. They were organized  Hapkido seminars in Volgograd with the participation of experts from Moscow.


As well Oleg Novomlinov  taught seminars in the Krasnodar region, with representatives of Kabardino-Balkaria and the Stavropol region, regularly conducts master classes in Volgograd security companies.


For the development, Oleg Novomlinov organizes and conducts Festivals Hapkido, which involved not only the practice of Hapkido, but also representatives of other martial arts. Part has become a tradition at the Festival Hapkido anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Since Oleg Novomlinov veteran of fighting in the Republic of Afghanistan, it is committed in such a way to remind today's young people about the heroic pages of our country.


The same group of instructors of Volgograd Regional  Hapkido Union  participated in an open international festival of Hapkido in St. Petersburg in November 2010.


In April 2011, our team consists of: Oleg Novomlinov,  Nikita Podlipsky,  Alexander  Suyazov and Svetlana Tsurova success at the Open Championship in Hungary on the Korean Hapkido, won one first place, three second places and one third.


Our duty, we believe the promotion of Korean Hapkido and preparing young people to serve in the army and police special units.