05-02-2015 // Oleg

Dear Hapkido-Masters,

The Daehan Minguk Hapkido European Championships 2015 will - as already announced - take place on May 16th, 2015 in Linz (Austria). You can find the current competition standards and application forms online at our European homepage: http://korea-hapkido.eu

Thank you for registering online only. The Daehan Minguk Hapkido European Championships 2015 will be organised and held in Austria. We therefore expect every participating country to support us with at least one referee.

Acting as referee is possible for first degree blackbelts in Nakbop-, Palchagi-, Hoshinsul-, Show- and Kyokpa-competitions and as judge (referee at the corner) in the Kyorugi competitions.

Seminars for referees will be held in Vienna, Austria, in April 2015 – the exact date of which is still to be announced – and most probably in Germany. We will send you more detailed information as soon as possible. We are looking forward to your participation!

Best regards, Gernot Lainer President Daehan Minguk Hapkido Europe

Dear followers, the registration is open for the DAEHANMINGUK OPEN HAPKIDO EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 in Linz, Austria. Date: Saturday, 16. May 2015 Registration and rules: http://korea-hapkido.eu/championship-2015/

Sincerely, DHMG HAPKIDO Europe

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